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Business Ideas – March 25, 2024

Brainstorming the News for Business Ideas

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Nancy Johnston says she’s tired of fighting with her bed sheets. So, she’s come up with a new line of bedding called Truuce that she says ends the nighttime fight between you, your bedding, and your sheet stealing spouse.

Mom enjoyed making her kids’ Easter hats so much that she turned it into a side hustle, and it became more profitable than she expected. Last year in a few weeks leading up to Easter her seasonal business idea made over $3000.

Justin Silverman worked at a software company for over 10 years until he was laid off. Fortunately for Justin, he was already working on a business software project to start a side hustle with, and that side hustle became a successful B2B marketing company called Merchynt.

When Chloe Walsh first started posting videos on TikTok she faced nasty comments for being ‘cringey’, but the 25-year-old is having the last laugh after making a seven figure success of her own business. Walsh started her Coco Cosmetics by Chloe beauty business with a $530 loan in December 2018. Now the business, which was recently rebranded to Clomaná, made over $5 million in sales in the past year.

Makayla Donovan, 24, had a business idea for a jewelry business in 2020. In 2021 Donovan and her husband invested $10,000 they had saved together to start a business crafting rings. That entrepreneurial plunge the couple took with a $10,000 startup investment has turned into a seven-figure jewelry empire.

Record number of US millionaires are seeking an escape plan. Companies that specialize in helping wealthy people move to different countries, or gain duel citizenship, are doing a booming business.

The business idea behind this thriving shop is to buy and/or consign hand-made products from local artists and make them available year-round rather than only at week-end markets and fairs.

Peony Li, who turned down a £100,000 investment on Dragons’ Den, shared how her business idea is now doing very well. Her healthcare company sells bladder care education products, and a supplement that claims to improve pelvic floor strength to reduce leaks and relieve the frequent urge to urinate. Peony said she was on a mission to help the 2.3 billion people globally who suffer from bladder issues.

Boost your startup with a business shower. In the same way baby showers celebrate the pending arrival of a newborn baby, and provide essential items for the expecting mother, business showers are a growing trend to help entrepreneurs launch their business ideas.

According to a year-end trend report from Instagram, a significant number of Generation Z individuals believe that entrepreneurship is the most effective pathway to creating wealth. In an era marked by the rise of social media influencers and a startup culture, this budding group seems to be increasingly inclined toward aligning their economic futures with business ideas leading to self-employment.

Which fashion trends are making it into consumer closets? Psychology says the answer is rooted in nostalgia.

In a world where everyone is looking for a fast track to financial success, some have managed to find business ideas that actually paid off. Here are 18 business ideas that have worked for people, reflecting current trends and innovative strategies in today’s digital and dynamic economic landscape.

Since TikTok rocketed into digital success in 2020, creators and businesses alike have utilized what some would call one of the most accessible, profitable social media apps to date. But the truth is that you do not have to be a celebrity or have millions of followers to do well on TikTok. Here are 11 TikTok creator tips to help make more money in 2024.

Recent retail trends that may help businesses be more efficient, and that may also point to business opportunities that new business ideas may be built around.

The sweater tank top is a sleeveless sweater that is apparently one of the trendiest pieces of fashion this Spring. As a hybrid between a sweater and a tank top, it’s both fashionable and functional for Spring’s in-between temperatures. Business ideas around making these sweaters or customizing them could become a profitable on a small or large scale?

As affordable housing continues to be a big problem all over the US and abroad. One solution that’s picking up steam is called Accessory Dwelling Units. These are usually small stand-alone structures that sit on the same lot as an existing home. Now many communities are changing zoning laws so they’re easier to build for parents that need to be near their children, and also for children that can’t afford more traditional housing. These could become big opportunities for building contractors.

TikTok Gen Z creators are revealing how much they’re earning and how they are budgeting in hot new ‘payday routine’ trend. It’s called “loud budgeting” and I think it points to potential opportunities for business ideas helping Gen Z’ers manage their money.

Pico Laser treatments have emerged in the ever-evolving world of skincare and beauty treatments as a buzzword among those seeking flawless skin. If you have a clinic or boutique, or you’re starting one, you might consider adding these treatments to your services if after doing some research you find it worthwhile?

These 10 features can help a home sell more quickly, and for more money, According to research by Zillow. Information that may help contractor’s sell new projects.

Sit ‘N Stay Café found instant success after its grand opening in May 2023. In fact, more success than Margie Millen anticipated. The coffee shop’s warm, homey environment and large selection of drinks and baked goods quickly amassed a slew of loyal customers, solidifying Sit ‘N Stay as a peak destination for coffee enthusiasts. Recreating the atmosphere Millen created for her business, that she says is the reason for her overwhelming success could be duplicated elsewhere in the same or in other types of business ideas where people would gather.

Recharge Rooms are gaining in popularity among business employees. They are more than just convenient places for conversations between colleagues or that morning java that gets the juices flowing. They are rooms where employees can take a few minutes of downtime to zone out, relax, stretch, nap, or even meditate. The idea is to unwind, and there may be opportunities to supply this trend in other retail consumer applications.

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