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Brainstorming The News For Business Ideas and Inspiration

UK Couples “Rent My Handy Husband” Idea Became a Thriving Business.

Some business types apparently doing well in San Diego’s East Village.

3-D Printed construction projects are increasing in popularity.

Florida business Pop Yarn teaches people how to crochet.

Influencer on Chinese app Xiaohongshu sold $13.8 million in beauty products in one 7-hour livestream

How to start an event planning business.

Young entrepreneurs who are working their niche business ideas within Asia’s retail and ecommerce opportunity.

How Instagram story videos can help you grow your business.

How to turn your hobby into a successful business.

UFOs are popular again, and that’s music to these business owners ears.

Man finds his niche as owner of four Frank Gironda Salon & Spa locations.

26 small business ideas that could be turned into significant successes.

Business idea takes old nylon monofilament gill nets and shreds them into tiny beads of plastic that can be used in injection moldings or made into a filament for 3D printers.

5 steps to selling candles from the comfort of your home.

Startup plans to revolutionize clean energy industry with space-based solar power.

Luxury airline startup for dogs charges one person and one dog $6,000 for one-way domestic ticket.

How 2 friends turned $185 into $150,000 using AI tools.

Use ChatGPT’s AI capabilities to help you either launch or improve a side business.

22 side businesses that fewer people are pursuing.

Nursing sidelines to make extra money with your skills.

Taking action on your new side business? Try these AI hacks to maybe make it easier.

How this man went from getting laid off to operating his own historical bar crawl business.

Kelly Gordon’s started cataloguing her yacht captain adventures on Instagram, and last year it brought in $124,000 in revenue.

9 summer business ideas that could pay you an easy $2,000 a month, and may even turn into full-time businesses.

Ana Julia says she can afford to go months without her main area of work because her side hustle supports her. Here’s how she set it up.

New business start-ups surge across the US. Check the map for your state.

Dalton Gallus started his sign-making business a year ago with no clients and no employee’s. Now he has 7 employee’s and business is thriving.

Jeff Roy’s Roy Meat Service says his business is growing in spite of a neighbor who doesn’t like it.

A Reston, Virginia woman turned her baking hobby into a booming macaron business.

The American Pet Products Association has estimated that Americans spent $147 billion on their animals in 2023, including $38 billion on their healthcare.

The golf business is booming nationwide as well as other businesses associated with it.

3 hot business ideas you can launch today with potential to earn big in 2024.

Turn your love for animals into a pet sitting business idea.

Mother’s business idea was the invention of a device that helps babies feed themselves.

Successful Etsy seller reveals her three top tips to success.

Homeless teen’s business idea was born when she realized there was a gap in the market for affordable luxury wear.

5 side gigs this debt elimination expert did to pay down debt.

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