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Brainstorming The News For Business Ideas and Inspiration

3 hot business ideas you can launch today with potential to earn big in 2024.

Turn your love for animals into a pet sitting business idea.

Mother’s business idea was the invention of a device that helps babies feed themselves.

Successful Etsy seller reveals her three top tips to success.

Homeless teen’s business idea was born when she realized there was a gap in the market for affordable luxury wear.

5 side gigs this debt elimination expert did to pay down debt.

Some good tips here to help jumpstart any side hustle business idea.

A career coach shares 3 keys to setting yourself up for success as an entrepreneur.

6 side hustles for fashionistas.

Buying bargains at auctions and reselling them can be a lucrative side hustle. 

Tidal Vision, a startup turning crab shells into a green industrial chemical, is raising fresh cash.

3 side hustles to make money on amazon in 2024.

Entrepreneur Matt Nixon and his team are working to build an oyster hatchery.

Toronto man’s side hustle making and selling calzones in Pop-Up locations leads to the opening of his own restaurant.

Consumers, especially the rich, are spending big on the growing longevity industry. That is spas, food subscriptions, gym memberships and pills.

Randy Kelley’s business idea was to build wild hog traps, and business is booming. He sells his unpainted traps for $975 each.

Flash Shelton’s Squatter Removal Services business charges anywhere from $150 for a consultation, and up to $20,000 for him and his team to move in with the squatters and get them out of peoples homes using his various unconventional methods.

Two brothers quit their jobs to sell food from the back of a van and turned their business into a £30m empire.

Bakery business booms during graduation season.

5 side hustles you can work from anywhere in the world.

Side hustle stacking: How one extra income stream can lead to more.

19 fitness side hustles you can start right away.

Michael Smyers and Neil Bergquist business idea was to launch Bitcoin ATMs.

Experienced advice on how to choose a side gig that could make you rich.

Two friends working at a large consulting firm shared a vision to create the world’s first sustainable healthcare company.

Young Utah entrepreneurs go viral with mobile thrift shop.

People line up at bin stores to snag deeply discounted items that were returned to retailers.

The nesting craze has been a boon to businesses that help homeowners with repair and improvement projects.

More and more entrepreneurs acknowledge business coaching as an integral part of their operations as the trend continues to grow worldwide.

Second-hand clothing market to go $350 billion by 2028 up from $197 billion in 2023.

Tiny home’s are among housings top new trends.

Business offering yoga exercise classes uses piglets to help participants unwind and relax. Classes take in 100 people, and are sold out the same day they are offered. 

There is a growing trend to repurpose offices and hotels into apartments.

SunBed shops may be making a comeback even with heightened awareness of dangers to the skin.

Demand grows for campsites as the 2024 camping season kicks off.

Tender coconut, valued for its nutrient-rich water, is witnessing a surge in demand to the delight of vendors in Nigeria.

Pickleball is the number one fastest-growing sport in the United States, and thus the one with the most opportunities.

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