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Business Ideas – March 20, 2024

Brainstorming the News for Business Ideas

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The SAT’s return has frantic parents hiring $500-an-hour tutors. The founder of a test preparation and admissions counseling service on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue says tutoring demand has jumped since some universities in the US reversed their four-year hiatus on requiring standardized testing. While parents may not pay $500 an-hour in most parts of the country, this may still be a very lucrative business idea to look into regardless where you live.

The gut health business is booming! The gut health trend is one of the single biggest changes to hit the food and drinks industry in recent decades. So what are gut-loving consumers buying and what gut-friendly products will we see next?

Heidi Agan has been a professional Kate Middleton lookalike for over a decade. She has spent the past 12 years acting as the Princess of Wales for corporate events, private parties, and advertisements, and her business idea is booming.

The new work-from-home-model has become such a fixture in business operations now, the old model is unlikely to roll back in and replace it. Look for opportunities to make work-from-home a better experience for both employees and employers.

Such was the craze over frozen yogurt and milk tea in the Philippines that almost every mall has a kiosk or inline store selling the popular beverage. Some thought the trend was a passing fancy, but the concept has held on and may represent a business idea that is applicable in other places.

Peter Bahouth has carved out a unique niche by offering an escape into the serene embrace of nature. Bahouth’s childhood love for sleeping under the stars has blossomed into a successful business idea that combines his passion for the outdoors with his entrepreneurial spirit. He has created a thriving treehouse rental business.

If you are a good baker and are looking to make some extra money, maybe starting a cake baking business would be the perfect business idea for you.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, entrepreneurs should include the use of AI in some of their business idea considerations. We don’t know how far-reaching AI is going to be. Its application is limited only by the imaginations of those building it out. Here are 6 ways AI is revolutionizing startups.

FinTech refers to the integration of digital technology and financial services. It has democratized processes and functions previously exclusive to banks and other large institutions and created significant shifts in online and offline transactions. Here are some exciting FinTech trends evolving now.

How can you start your own leadership consulting business.

As more couples struggle with infertility, the IVF (in-vitro fertilization) business is thriving. This procedure is giving higher hopes to some women that they will have a baby as a result of it.

With poll fever gathering steam in New Delhi, India, business is booming for the city’s detective agencies as politicians, especially aspiring candidates, are hiring private eyes to spy on their rivals and even colleagues. The type of business idea is in demand globally as the market for it includes spouses, fiancés, friends, business partners, divorce lawyers and more.

Build a Box by Sweet City is the brainchild of Ashton Ferrari and her partner Aidan Arnold who only opened for business two months ago, and already the business is booming. The couple came up with the business idea of selling freeze dried sweets, a new way of consuming confectionery that has gone viral on Tik Tok.

Two entrepreneurs, Josh Esnard and Tony Huey created a white truffle farm as their business that makes products out of it is booming since they were able to sell their goods on a shopping network show. Hundreds of orders poured in during and after the airing and some items even sold out. Their plan is to use loblolly pine trees to grow the white truffle mushrooms, which are wonderfully robust and extremely expensive. “We’re looking at upwards of “$700 to over $1,000 a pound,” said Huey.

Bees in the Philadelphia region are taking the sticky secretion left behind by spotted lanternflies and turning it into honey, and local beekeepers are taking full advantage of it. One of them is Don Shump, founder and owner of Philadelphia Bee Co, and he says that the spotted lanternfly honey business is booming.

The creation of a legal cannabis industry in the state of Arkansas has ushered in a wealth of entrepreneurial and investment opportunities, bringing tax revenue and jobs with it. Last year, it has been said that the industry in Arkansas exceeded one billion dollars in sales, and that a similar economic trend has occurred in every legalized market so far.

For husband and wife Lee and Hollie Summerscales, nothing is too much of an ask when they come and cater your event. The couple who run Nine 12 Hospitality, a catering company, has seen their number of clients expand rapidly as the company has already booked 110 events this year.

Michael Vail’s business began with selling cedar rings, a natural, non-toxic alternative to mothballs. It has since grown to offer wooden American flags, business signs, cribbage boards, tables and more. Vail said “I was riding home from work one day, and I saw this ad pop up on YouTube,” about selling products on Amazon. After much research, Vail found a niche in cedar rings, and added additional wood-based products over time.

Entrepreneur Carole Lannon loves Tampa Bay, Florida, and she loves her native England. Now she combines both with a thriving business idea, London Pride. An accountant born in London and now an American, she has found a niche business selling British meats, candies, potato chips (“crisps”) and wares out of two stores dubbed London Pride.

See Spot Run is a mobile dog gym with non-motorized treadmills, allowing dogs to walk or run to their heart’s content. Being mobile fitness sessions are brought right to the doorstep of those who sign up for the service. Owner and operator Patches Howell created the business two years ago, inside of her van. Howell says her son gave her the business idea.

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