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Business Ideas – March 17, 2024

Brainstorming the News for Business Ideas

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Miami baker Jesús Brazón taught himself to bake with the help of YouTube, experimenting to come up with a recipe that suited him perfectly. His first bakery was small, just 1,000 square feet, but that had no negative effect on his success. Brazón wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of customers after people started talking about his outstanding bread. The lure of his freshly baked bread quickly had long lines forming outside the bakery every morning, and his bread often sold out by noon.

To decarbonize heat on a scale necessary for net zero emissions to be reached, new business ideas are required. This need presents business opportunities, and in Scotland, entrepreneurs are leading the innovation drive to produce such clean heat technology.

How to start a recruitment agency, also known as a staffing firm or employment agency, are organizations that specialize in connecting employers with qualified candidates for the work they need done.

Car detailing is a great business idea for many entrepreneurs because you can start up at a level of investment that you can afford, and then grow from there.

Kevin Rooney’s side hustle was to write children’s books. Ideas for his first book, “Mr. Tootsee McGootsee,” came from funny conversations he had with his wife and their two daughters.

Four ways to turn a love of books and reading into a successful side-hustle that you can do from your own home.

Victoria Houlston went full-time with her Avon business idea selling beauty supplies in September 2020. Four years later Houlston is a sales leader with a team of over 600 people, an annual turnover of over $1million, and earnings over $4,000 a month.

These US cities will pay you to move there, potentially providing some people with cash necessary to start a business activity.

8 years ago a friend directed Becky Powell to an educational resource platform known as Teachers Pay Teachers. Teachers Pay Teachers functions similarly to Etsy, offering a marketplace for educational resources covering various grade levels and subjects. From her home Powell started creating worksheets for fellow educators to purchase and download. After four months she was generating enough income to pay both her and her husband’s monthly student loan payments, and now earns over $10,000 a month.

Donating old clothes to resell shops was once an altruistic and sustainable alternative to simply throwing them away. However, thanks to endless micro-trends and the general decline in the quality of clothes, we are now cycling through fashion faster than ever and resell shops around the world can’t keep up with the donations, of which only about 30 per cent are actually sold. In the face of this, US-based entrepreneur Cecilia Hermawan’s business idea is to develop technology that could revolutionize the second hand fashion market and reduce unnecessary textile waste.

Baby eels, also called elvers, are likely the most valuable fish in the United States on a per-pound basis – worth worth more than $2,000 a pound. That’s because they’re vitally important to the worldwide supply chain for Japanese food. The tiny fish, which weigh only a few grams, are harvested by fishermen using nets in rivers and streams in Maine. The only state in the US with significant supplies of elvers.

This Austin, Texas startup says it can use 3D Printing to build houses cheaper, more quickly, and with less labor.

Montana rancher paid $4,200 to clone a dead sheep and launched a farm of super hybrids worth up to $550,000.

Woman restored her childhood stuffed animals, and then turned it into a business. While working on her own restorations, more and more people kept contacting her to restore their stuffed animals. Eventually restoring stuffed animals turned into a full-time job, she said. Now in her living room there is hardly enough room for her booming business.

Karina Nagel got a life-changing business idea while breastfeeding her baby. She wanted to make a nursing top that looked great, made feeding easy and guaranteed you wouldn’t accidentally flash your boobs

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