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Business Idea News – March 8, 2024

Brainstorming the News for Business Ideas

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Eshita Kabra-Davies built a global business by renting out her wardrobe. Have you ever considered charging someone for loaning them something, such as borrowing your coat? Kabra-Davies saw an opportunity in that, with an environmental angle, and discovered that renting fashionable clothes was a good business idea.

23 year-old Sophie Riegel started reselling clothes on the internet as a side hustle during her freshman year at Duke University, and soon her side-hustle business idea was providing a full-time business income. Now she spends about 25 hours a week on her business and makes $400 – $500 a day.

8 ways to build wealth if you live in a small town.

Dustin Rhoades of Ability Tech won the Neal Smith Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the State of Iowa. His company specializes in manufacturing adaptive technology for people with disabilities.

Sarah Sharkey built a 6-figure net worth by 25 thanks to a simple savings trick from my parents.

Chastity Moore’s business idea was to provide collaborative spaces for entrepreneurs to gather and co-work, and includes amenities such as podcast recording spaces, conference rooms, and café space.

Leanne McGrady opened her new “brick and mortar” store selling home-made candles three years after first launching her business online. In the beginning Leanne just wanted a hobby to fill her time when her young children were about to start school. Then when her husband who for a fragrance manufacturer suggested she make candles, and it sparked in her the business idea.

India-based Avneet Singh and Saket Saurav founded ReFit Global in 2017. Their company is involved in refurbishing and reselling old phones. Through a meticulous 47-point quality check, they ensure the reliability of their refurbished phones and have sold over 1.75 million units to date.

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Helen Ashton, 60, turned her creative hobby into a business idea which makes her $4,500 a year – and she expects to make even more this year. Leicester turned her lifelong passion for art and painting into a side business five years ago. In her business she creates custom hand-painted staircase murals and ceramics such as garden pots and kitchen counters.

How to develop strategies for your business to capitalize on Generation Z’s growing influence.

Son’s food allergies inspired Annette Rodriguez to start a cookie business for people like her son. Having a child diagnosed with food allergies was always a struggle, especially when he craved desserts like cookies. When they would go to eat, she was always trying to find places that had egg-free items. Knowing that many other people were having the same struggles, Rodriguez decided to open own place where families like hers could go.

A company called Smash Park is finding at least an adequate demand for their business idea concept of an all-in-one active entertainment destination bringing a unique mix of food, drinks, entertainment and recreation.

During a globetrotting vacation in 2013, the two college friends found themselves stranded among Mongolian goat herders in the Gobi Desert for three weeks. They learned about the wool trade, and came away with a business idea: Make low-priced cashmere wool goods by purchasing wool directly from those herders, skipping the middlemen who bought low and sold to apparel brands at a high markup.

Two nurses, Carie Pasby and Amy Cantellay, talked about starting an IV hydration business for years before they finally did it. They opened Drip Therapy, IV Hydration and Vitamins, and it has proven to be a good business idea, and so far, is surpassing their initial goals. Drip therapy, or intravenous IV therapy, is a treatment whereby fluids containing nutrients and vitamins are delivered intravenously directly into a person’s bloodstream.

2nd Wave Coffee owner Claire Miller is making her small-business idea dream come true in Berlin. Miller opened her coffee shop to the public on Oct. 31, 2023, and “was mobbed on the first day. There was standing room only”.

Zach and Ashley Plahn came up with their business idea for a Smoothie Food Truck on their honeymoon, as they are both antsy for getting projects done. They found and purchased a bus and started renovating it only a month after getting married.

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