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Business Idea News – March 6, 2024

Brainstorming the News for Business Ideas

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Elevate your business idea by creating an app for it that may play an indispensable role in its future growth. Here is an article about creating an app for a lawn mowing business and how seamless and efficient such a tool could be for a business.

Young Chinese are renting out time to earn extra cash. A friends for hire business idea. One young lady applying this idea, a 27-year-old blogger in Beijing, was in an IKEA store to meet her first client, a young man who was paying 125 yuan ($17) an hour for her time and company. She did not know what to expect, but for the next two hours all they did was walk around the store while he complained to her about his girlfriend.

5 emerging affiliate marketing trends in 2024 you might use to increase the returns on your business efforts.

People mocked Rachel Spicer for her double chins and compared her to a green film monster. But turning a negative into a positive, she painted her body in revenge, and now it pays the bills. Rachel used what she was mocked about, two “dancing” chins, to rise to fame on a social media app and now boasts 2.3 million followers.

Landscapers take note! Moon gardens are newest trend in arranging aesthetic gardens. Building a moon garden requires you to focus not only on how your plants will look in the daytime, but also at night. Certain plants not only look great in the daytime, they also become luminescent underneath the light of the moon, giving off a glow that almost makes each bloom provide a light of its own.

Norfolk County, Canada, may be home to that country’s largest grower and manufacturer of popcorn, and the family behind it all says that success comes with its challenges competing against popcorn growers around the world.

THC-infused beverages may mean new business ideas and opportunities for Illinois breweries. A few months after Minnesota legislators gave brewers the green light to begin making beverages with the active marijuana ingredient THC, and consumers responded enthusiastically to cannabis-based beverages, brewers from Illinois want to do the same thing there.

There is a new trend in permanent jewelry. Permanent jewelry are bracelets and anklets that you never take off.

The secrets of high-profit farmers who consistently do better than others turn out to be the same practices of  of other businesses that operate with greater efficiency than most others.

More than 60% of Australian entrepreneurs are running their business ideas as side hustles alongside their full-time job to supplement their main income. Almost a third (29%) said their venture cost as little as $500 to start, and 56% spend less than 10 hours a week running their venture, while 19% are making more than $2,500 per month.

Portable Sauna’s are trending in New Zealand.

Truman McNitt was 10 years-old when he asked his mom if he could start his very own business. McNitt’s big business idea was already sitting in their house, a cotton candy machine. After first spinning cotton candy at his sister’s daddy-daughter dance, McNitt upgraded his equipment and moved into a shed in the backyard. Today, the middle schooler’s business is booming along with an array of products.

Kristine Satorre was made redundant at her job. On a whim and a business idea she decided to swap industries entirely and start again in the wedding photography space, where she now earns $100,000 a year. Satorre attends strangers’ weddings to capture unique candid moments. She stands out of the way and captures those candid moments that the couple may have not known about, or would have forgotten if not caught in time by Satorre. It turned out to be a sought-after service for brides who want every moment caught on camera from the start right through to the end of the day.

Entrepreneur quit his full-time job to focus on his side-hustle – now it earns him over $6,000 a month. Carpenter and handyman Liam Joseph, 33, completes as many as four jobs in one day. He sources his work through an app called Airtasker, where he offers a wide range of services, including painting, decorating, flatpack furniture assembly, flooring installation, door hanging, and more.

Devon Powers is turning her lifelong love of reading into a business opportunity. Her business idea is a Book Bar and will open as an independent bookstore and community space that includes a full-service beer and wine bar, plus small plates. Powers plans to put in couches and cozy seating where guests can enjoy a glass of wine with a book, or meet with a book club.

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