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Business Idea News – March 13, 2024

Brainstorming the News for Business Ideas

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Business is booming for this bakery and cafe! Expansion is necessary, so the business is moving. With only three years in business, Owner Shelby Lafosse said she never expected it to grow so quickly. After making a homemade cheesecake for loved ones, Lafosse said word spread quickly and orders began rolling in, then came her business idea. In order to keep up with the growing demand from customers, Lafosse said she’s moving into a new space where customers can order through a drive-thru, have more space to dine indoors and she will be expanding her menu.

AI infrastructure business is booming! “The demand is so high” said Larry Ellison, Oracle co-founder and chief technology officer. We’re seeing demand for data centers from people who want to buy Alloy and then resell our cloud services with their proprietary cloud services on top of it.” Oracle Alloy is a complete cloud infrastructure platform that enables partners to become cloud providers and offer a full range of cloud services to expand their businesses.

This business idea, painting pottery pieces, provides pottery for customers to paint on. Then the customer must wait two weeks while the pieces are being glazed and fired before they can pick them up, and business is booming! Customers can choose from a range of pre-made pottery to paint, including bowls, mugs and plates of various sizes. The business also provides a sense of community for like-minded people as they laugh and converse while they paint. Coffees and teas are available for purchase.

‘Authentic experience’ is what foreigners seek in Japan. As cities are flooded with inbound tourists, and business is booming at hotels and railroads, more than ever, it seems that “local specialties” and “hands-on experiences” hold the keys to future growth in the tourism sector. The same concept may offer authentic food and experience business idea opportunities for people in Western countries.

The indoor climbing industry is booming, but its evolution is changing the way the venues look. Today’s indoor climbing gyms are multifaceted organizations, often offering yoga classes, social and activity rooms, plastic rock walls and actual gyms.

Like many people during the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor Zubkousky picked up a distracting creative hobby, but hers evolved into a business idea. She began tie-dying clothes for herself first, then doing it for her friends and eventually for her social media followers. Four years later, Zubkousky now runs a successful sports-themed apparel company, Made by Taylor Nicole, which has reeled in more than 10,000 followers on Instagram thanks to unique and trendy game-day clothing. And last week, she launched a second, bridal-themed clothing brand, Bridal by MBTN, which sells customizable clothes for brides, bridesmaids and bachelorette trips.

The small breed dog food market is booming as millennials preference for small, apartment-friendly dogs is driving demand for the specialized food. Pet parents from the millennial generation are becoming more aware of the nutrition needs and requirements of their small breed dogs. Sales of small breed dog food with unique diets such as raw diets, home-cooked pet meals, and freeze-dried and grain-free ingredients are booming around the world, creating business idea opportunities for small business startups catering to the demand

Grace Ryu quit her tech job to pursue multiple income streams and now earns over $100,000 a year. Her eight income streams include a luxury picnic business, brand deals, and affiliate marketing. She keeps them all running while only working 40 hours a month and wishes she had started sooner.

Rebecca Fox’s career business idea hit her while working at senator Dianne Feinstein’s house in the early 2000s. Fox needed some extra cash came up with the idea of just focusing specifically on chandelier cleaning. “Little did I know what would happen,” she recalled. Her referrals snowballed to the point that she realized she could quit her other work to focus on her newfound gig. Now, she’s celebrating the 20th anniversary of Fox Chandelier Cleaning.

An independent chain of tanning salons is expanding. The Tanning Room provides UV sunbeds and spray tanning, alongside collagen and red-light treatments. The Tanning Room now has 15 employees and four locations.

Luke Robins became was captivated by the idea of selling non-dairy ice-cream. Now he lives a nomadic existence, selling ice blocks from his brightly hued food truck. The business idea for Sun Cream came to him while on a winter surf getaway in North West Australia.

Deborah Jordan’s business idea involved creating an app, which essentially is an all-in-one calendar, booking and payment system for small service providers like salons, physios or counsellors. Deborah’s vision was for something that would take the hassle out of making and taking appointments. That vision became Chuzeday.

This woman’s gut instinct sparked a Business Idea. Her struggle with Crohn’s disease led to a surprising solution that turned into a successful startup business, Small Town Cultures. From homemade fermented foods to major retail partnerships, her gut feeling transformed an idea into a thriving enterprise.

25 year-old Gabi Saper set up her own enterprise, based on a rudimentary handheld cube that her fiancé had created using a 3D printer. Gabi was taken by the colorful cube and jumped online to try to purchase one, but she couldn’t find any. That night she thought to herself this was a gap in the market, and she jumped at it. Now, the CMY Cube, so named after its use of the colors cyan, magenta and yellow, is celebrating its third birthday, with millions of sales internationally.

Zach Coffey, while at the age of 26, came up with the business idea of a sparkling coffee company while traveling abroad. Coffey said he knew the concept of sparkling coffee was popular in Europe after seeing it multiple times while abroad. In Italy, he saw similar concepts to refreshing coffee and how people would pull espresso shots and mix it with San Pellegrino or a sparking tonic. Coffey said that although the idea of drinking a fizzy coffee in the morning with a fruitful flavor might sound odd at first, he thinks it’s the next best thing in the caffeinated drink industry.

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