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Business Idea News – March 1, 2024

Brainstorming the News for Business Ideas

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Single mom turned her backyard into a business idea, growing unique plants for local consumers. She single-handedly grows and tends 12,000 plants each year in the half acre yard that surrounds her home.

When Keida Dervishi was 17 years old, she saw other teenagers on TikTok starting businesses. So with a business idea in mind, she purchased a $300 embroidery machine with her parents’ help and began selling embroidered products. “I thought it would be a side hobby to earn some income”, she said. “I didn’t expect it to blow up”. Soulmate Customs made over $1 million in sales in less than a year.

Do you enjoy crocheting or knitting? Here are 5 easy ways to make money doing it from home.

If you are a nurse or a veteran, this franchise may be able to help you start a business caring for people in your community. Assisted Living Locators, a nationwide senior care referral and placement agency, is offering a franchise opportunity specifically for nurses and veterans.

Make money buying and selling on Craigslist.

Howard and Nancy Wood saw a cornhole board game one day and thought to themselves, we can make cornhole boards. So their business idea was conceived and they started putting together boards in their garage and kitchen, trying to keep up with the demand from interested people.

Mechanical engineer John Blichmann turned his hobby of beer making into a small business. Started in his garage as a hobby job on the side, the business took off. Now Blichmann is the founder and president of Blichmann Engineering, a design and manufacturing company that sells engineered beer and wine brewing products.

This mother was pregnant with her second daughter when she got the business idea for Baby Bambino’s. Unable to find any children’s clothes she really liked, she wanted to create a “unique and affordable” clothing line for babies. After starting a website and struggling to get traffic to it, she set up shop in a retail market place and stated selling out all her stock.

Fans who want to watch reality TV and not sports programing are big business for Boston bars. Bar owners everywhere might try this angle to bring in additional customers.

This new business hopes to cultivate love of reptiles through education. Owners Seth Butner and Chaylin Haggett operated Atlas Education out of their home for three years before making the transition to a commercial space.

Phil Levasseur business idea, set up in his backyard, provided a combination of a sauna and an ice bath service. He is now moving his wellness business into a brick-and-mortar studio.

Alissa Denning teaches epoxy art classes in the back of her parents’ business, as well as builds custom epoxy countertops, backsplashes, showers, and furniture with the look of marble or other stone for clients across her state.

Couple turns the hassle of waiting for long hours in traffic when going to Patriots football games into a business. Their solution was to buy an old school bus and turn it into an “in-traffic” luxury waiting space. First they did it for themselves, but then they started offering bus trips, not only to patriots games but all around New England, and, so far, they’ve been getting rave reviews.

27-Year-Old Turned Street Interviews Into a Multi-Dollar Business. Hannah Williams journey into her business began when she posted TikTok videos in early 2022, asking strangers about their income, which quickly went viral. Realizing the potential, she decided to turn it into a business through partnerships with brands. Within a few months, both Williams left her well-paying 9-to-5 job to focus on the business full-time.

Kristin Juszczyk creates her own NFL merchandise women actually wear. Juszczyk’s designs went viral after Taylor Swift donned a custom, Travis Kelce-themed puffer jacket to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs tight end in a playoff matchup last month

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