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Business Idea News – Feb. 28, 2024

Brainstorming the News for Business Ideas

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How (and why) to treat your side gigs like businesses. Doing so can keep your finances better organized and help you work smarter.

Pay fewer taxes while living in or owning a business in these 10 US states.

‘Etsy for food’ founded in Bristol, UK, lets people order and sell home-cooked meals. It is pitched as a platform enabling “talented at-home-chefs to sell their dishes and baked foods to people who live near them”.

Accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) are giving rise to a new trend that may interest builders and construction companies. Parents rent ADUs to grown children who want to start families but cannot afford to buy homes of their own. Seniors rent to tenants for extra income and have some flexibility in a fixed retirement budget, maybe travel. Grown children can build ADUs for parents, who can in turn help to reduce another spiraling cost – childcare.

Pool owners in Perth, Australia, are using an app called Swimply to make extra income renting out their pools for an hourly fee. Some using the business idea to make $5000 over a summer.

A fast growing franchise can represent a strong business opportunity. Franchises are a industry that is hard to ignore for an entrepreneur, even with sometimes a high investment. Here is an article listing a few of the fastest-growing small business franchises.

A business idea to recycle electronic waste may be a good one. Electronic waste is piling up faster than it can be recycled. E-waste is the fastest-growing type of waste on Earth, according to Waste Management World.

The 15 Fastest-Growing Industries Looking To Hire in the US from 2022 to 2032 certainly represent an opportunity for entrepreneurs who can start, or direct their business, to get a piece of the action in those growth areas.

15 fastest growing states in the US.

Art student’s passion for ceramics leads to business success. Emily Daw launched her business idea, Emily Daw Ceramics, while pursuing an undergraduate art degree.

Two young Hawaii brothers cook up success with their business idea, Chubby Fries & Wings by concentrating on quality over quantity and only serving homemade seasoned wings and fries.

Tony Illes, a 30-year-old delivery driver dumped the apps to go into business for himself. launched Tony Delivers, a service where Illes brings hungry Seattleites in his Beacon Hill neighborhood food deliveries on his e-bike or e-scooter. Every order in a 1.5- mile diameter costs $5, no matter what customers order.

Young entrepreneur becomes overnight success with Chiefs-keychain business. 13-year-old Quinton Smith took his keychain business to the streets of the Chiefs victory parade and that’s where his business took off. Quinton designs and 3D prints his own keyrings.

How one couple scaled up their small business idea and brought in more than $1 million in revenue in one year. After perfecting a flour tortilla recipe and hosting breakfast taco pop-ups throughout Washington, DC, La Tejana co-founders Ana-Maria Jaramillo and Gus May had enough encouragement from their regular customers, and the financial backing, to open a brick and mortar location

Last summer, Macie Hefron had an unusual business idea. She opened Michigan’s first rail biking business, Wheels on Rails, outside of Traverse City. The business took off, attracting visitors from around the country, and leaving Hefron bubbling over with ideas and excitement to incorporate into this year. Rail biking is a relatively new outdoor recreational activity where you ride a motorized or a pedal “bike” on out-of-service railroad tracks.

A bikepacker, Tristan Ridley, who’s been on the road for 8 years says he’s turned his lifestyle into a YouTube channel business that covers his costs.

College student created window washing side-hustle that turned into a full-tine business.

How To Start a Drop shipping Business. Drop shipping is a popular business idea model, favored for its low start-up costs and low overheads. Plus, you can start a drop shipping business from practically anywhere in the world, since all you need to get going is a laptop and an internet connection.

How To Sell Clothes Online In 2024.

How to sell art online in 2024.

How to sell second-hand furniture  – the best tricks to make money from decluttering. Whether it is in tip-top condition or needs someone to work their upcycling magic, you can always guarantee that someone out there will pay for your furniture if you know what you’re doing.

The indoor climbing industry is booming. All around the country, the sport is taking off—at the end of 2023, a total of 785 climbing gyms were open in the United States.

There is currently a booming business of Amish cannabis farmers in Pennsylvania. Amish growers are expecting to sell $3 million of their produce nationwide to big buyers by 2025.

The 23 Best Side Hustles for Teachers: Earn $1000 a Week or More.

Dianne and Dale Neffendorf make $3,500 a month letting dogs play in their fields. The business idea of renting their farm space for dogs to play came to them after a neighbor asked if they could rent their field during the pandemic, since all the dog parks were closed at that time. It turned out to be a surprisingly lucrative side hustle! They use a platform called Sniffspot that allows them to rent out their land as a safe dog park to nearby neighbors.

From a hobby to a business, Jessica Channell’s says her Jessicakes Bakery is built upon relationships. In a market that has no shortage of bakeries and pastry shops, Channell makes her establishment stand out from the rest by her interactions with customers.

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