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Business Idea News – Feb. 26, 2024

Brainstorming the News for Business Ideas

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The permanent make-up business is booming in Pooler, GA. I believe a good market for this kind of startup business could be found in any affluent population almost anywhere.

Maryland “Weed” industry is budding! The state of Maryland is preparing to license its next round of dispensaries, signaling further growth for an industry that has boomed since recreational marijuana was legalized there on July 1, 2023.

Gina Lira makes creative nail art working out of her Irving Park home studio in Chicago, and her business idea is booming!

Anna and Vladimir Posikera left Ukraine to escape the war. They went to Calgary Canada. Attending a party they brought along some homemade treats called Perogies that became a hit with the partygoers. Looking for some way to make a living they decided to try and sell them.

Indiana farmer Ben Hartman is using a lean business model to make his small organic produce farm more profitable. For the past 16 years, he has made the farm more profitable by eliminating waste instead of constantly growing and seeking new markets.

Talking Pictures, one of the U.K.’s fastest growing TV channels, is a small business idea run by 74-year-old Noel Cronin and his daughter Sarah, and airs nothing but classic old TV shows and movies.

Rugged Books found success supplying an international market with refurbished technology. From a small business startup to a team of about 45, tech-savvy employees refurbish technology such as laptops and tablets that are then sold to businesses such as SpaceX, Costco, Toyota, PepsiCo and Verizon.

When Side Piece Kitchen owners Hailey and Dante Hernandez opened the doors on their business location back in October 2023, they didn’t know they would do nearly 20 times the business they were used to, selling out consistently since opening, Side Piece Kitchen is a part of the growing trend of restaurants in Tacoma, Washington, that started cooking out of commissary kitchens and selling their food in take-out spots or pop-ups around the Tacoma area.

Grow your T-shirt making business idea with these 7 steps.

A coworking concept has found the “middle ground” for post-pandemic office space. As companies continue to reevaluate their workspace needs, E|Spaces has found its niche in the market, providing short-term suites for smaller businesses — and its growing fast.

Marshall Thompson is a craft beer enthusiast who co-owns a very interesting niche business in Austin, Texas. He and his brother, Ryan Thompson, founded Canworks, a small business idea dedicated to printing designs directly onto aluminum cans. Canworks helps small brewers, who because of their size have a hard time getting the same customer service or customization ability from large-scale can production companies that they do from Canworks.

Home rentals could be a new business idea niche for builders and agents. In a tight home sale market, real estate professionals may want to consider tapping the rental market now, and develop potential home sales to the same people in the future.

35-year-old’s first job in her architectural design business paid $20—now the profitable small business idea she started as a side hustle brought in $414,000 in a year, and she spends 5 to 10 hours’ a week doing it it.

Disc golf shop is opening in Bellingham, Washington, and serving a new niche for those who love disc golf. It was a business idea and launched by Matt Gegner and Daisey James, who couldn’t find a local shop to support their love of the game. They are the only shop in their county. Disc golf is a rapidly growing sport and apparently underserved.

How Print on Demand (POD) is revolutionizing the business of printing services.

5 Business Apps You Need To Run A High-Income Side Hustle In 2024.

Successful fish farming in depends on identifying market niches.

Sultan Ali says he has made more than $3,500 editing AI-generated content for students and professionals. Ali decided on an idea to offer AI content editing services through the freelance gig platform Fiverr. Since receiving his first order in March 2023, he says he has completed more than 150 assignments from clients across the US and Europe. The goal is to make these AI-generated texts sound like they were written by a human.

How Tanner Yarro is doing very well among a massive wave of new entrepreneurs in the US. Many of them operating out of a home based business.

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